St. Anton : News in brief

Information Service for Skiers Emulating an American scheme, the Arlberg Mountain Railways have introduced a piste service operated by an Information Team in St. Anton am Arlberg. The team consists of five ladies whose sporting and linguistic skills (they speak eight languages in all) are matched by their charm. Every day they are out and about on the slopes, which of course they know like the backs of their hands, on skis and snowboards.

If you happen to lose your way or want to know the shortest route to the valley or need any kind of assistance, they are on hand to provide prompt and qualified expert advice and help.

The Information Team members at St. Anton am Arlberg are all equipped with radio telephones and are in constant touch with the Mountain Rescue Service, so that they can call help in case of an emergency but also relay criticisms or suggestions to the responsible quarters.

Booking System at St. Anton am Arlberg
Every day St. Anton am Arlberg's Information Office receives dozens of telephone calls from all over the world asking about available accommodation. The friendly, polyglot staff answer these enquiries either by phone or in writing. They are assisted in their endeavours by an electronic accommodation information system that provides the addresses of all rooms registered as vacant.

Hitherto the guests have then booked their accommodation for the desired number of days directly through the proprietor or the reception desk of the hotel concerned. More and more prospective visitors to St. Anton am Arlberg can now save themselves this trouble, because many of the resort's hotels and pensions are affiliated to the new booking system installed at the Tourist Office.

This means that, having obtained the relevant information on vacant accommodation, guests can then make the booking straight away through the Information office.

Carving on St. Anton am Arlberg's Pistes
Carving is a new technique with tapered skis that allows you to make tighter swings. Skiers can acquire the skills of this fashionable trend in St. Anton am Arlberg. The ski schools offer instruction in carving to skiers of all levels of proficiency, from beginners to adepts.

Moreover, the sports shops provide carving skis on a rental basis, so that you will find St. Anton am Arlberg the ideal place to try your hand at carving.


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